That begins a new job it’s a building labor job gonna be doing a variety of digging I do not know how so much i’m going to be doing in these days in most cases gonna simply be most often showing me the ropes .What’s up guys what’s going on close to to work already it is About 6:15 a.M Freaking early as how speculated to be there at 6:45 so i am taking some however simply obtained done doing a livestream speakme to you. Sure And it used to be getting talk to you guys all of the manner work Yeah, i am about to begin – nijo it’s a building labor job gonna be doing plenty of digging. I don’t know how so much i’m going to be doing in these days in general gonna simply be ordinarily displaying me the ropes Shut up me introducing me to humans and in most cases, you already know displaying me precisely what i’ll be doing shouldn’t be too hard of a day also the boss supplied to buy me pizza from lunch That actually just met him on the hand assessment and he’s like you’re employed. I’m going to purchase you pizza for lunch Like shit, that’s a good deal thank you up Anyway, i am nearly there guys. So yeah, i’ll can help you comprehend the way it goes. I am a bit tired, but i’m going to be I it is all within the regional Sup guys what is going on on? So I simply received carried out? With just a little bit of coaching on the job And he sent me to go to this health facility. We’re gonna get a bodily urine pattern, you know like excellent stuff so i go to do that now I don’t forget the final time I’ve gotten a physical but I mean, it’s no enormous deal some thing something they need me to do guess i’ll go do that once more He was bringing up something but like there’s gonna be coaching in school room training until like Wednesday until they become Wednesday, truly and On Wednesday, like we’re alleged to be able to do like some variety of a pre defense Truck inspection thing and i got him to memorize it. There’s like like 60 steps or whatever. He says And he says if we do not memorize it but into Wednesday, then we’re out of here, truly So i am like shit like pressures on all sudden like i am now not memorize this factor so I higher no longer screw up with a bit of luck i will memorize it. Or else, i would be watching for an extra job again. Oh I simply don’t get it. I guess like i’m a laborer like so what’s that need to do with? My job, it’s no longer like i’m a driver. I imply now not riding a huge truck or no longer that I have no idea possibly probably it is main. I guess I mean i’m just gonna are attempting my satisfactory and memorize what they want me to memorize and spot if i will do it or now not, correct? Are attempting my first-class. Yeah that is all i will be able to do Sup, guys what is going on on? I just acquired off work. It is four:00 p.M. And i am Heading to move see my girl for a few hours before i am going dwelling and sleep my ass off. I am worn out it is been an extended day guys again I received caught at the sanatorium So accordingly drug scan and bodily correct? However I also had to stay in to do Jerked his physical. Oh, yeah Epictetus a and b Vaccinations so I received pricked each my palms and most effective damage slightly bit but it surely’s nonetheless this like bothers me. I just I acquired some up touchy feeling needles and chant silly however uh Yeah, the part wasn’t too bad sure, similar to after I did it felt a bit dizzy be aware of what Like most a part of why i am so dizzy stable dark paper work I crammed up at present stuffed out a bunch there at the health facility like a whole bunch like literally like eight pages At work I suppose left like I lost count of what number of pages I crammed in the market Like like 15 20 pages, I do not know provide or take only a lot expertise must I gotta hold watching up like Yeah, find a that is now not love it’s like in my head, you already know Like boy your cell a prior agency mobilephone numbers and addresses and the e-mail addresses All that stuff I acquired to do that everywhere once more you understand when it can be already on hearth, you already know, I already did it once they stuffed up the long-established software and stuff however it’s all excellent i would like all that stuff, you realize after which like the trick deposit type so i will be able to get paid All that excellent stuff that’s fundamental. Hhowever Yeah on the at the sanatorium back on the health facility so after I pissed the primary time to take the urine pattern, that they had said that My urine was once too Diluted so I needed to be more targeted and so She said simply Pee once more finally these stuff with all tests and everything is finished before you go away simply the animal could most often be just right So I peed again and he or she mentioned it used to be too tightly. I did as soon as once more, I was once horrible I had like mentioned within the waiting room for like just about an hour or so extra and then I in the end went in and that i could barely pay to the road and so they permitted it however then I Left i am going back to work you recognize identical to 30 minutes away the fellow that’s like training us at present, it is like we’re share clinical companions most bought a clinical card So i suppose they not ever sat me with one so I don’t know like he’s gotta name them and find out what the hell occurs once I get a scientific card since I passed on the whole lot and that i did the whole thing they wanted like I must get that proper so what’s going on with that? Damn oh, yeah, so now not simplest did I fold all these paperwork’s we Sat and watched a whole bunch of like coaching movies On this tv reveal and Yeah, it’s just that is commonly all it can be been all days, you realize exams and needles forms coaching movies And you understand, I began style of tired due to the fact that i’m altering my time table significantly So yeah, it is been a bit of bit tough at present day after today i will be less complicated. Iam certain it must be there isn’t any method it might be any Rougher than this, , I so much pick bodily work than all this school room bureaucracy crap, you already know, but i do know we bought to get previous it but you understand, my boss was fairly cool. Took me to lunch and purchased me pizza. I was once beautiful great. I hated the round table. I’ve on no account eaten there earlier than. I used to be like several-you-can-eat pizza I was a lovely first-rate treat for for lunch for actual. I used to be lovely stoked a fine talk with him and turns out i’m no longer making sixteen an hour with them. They’re gonna pay me seventeen an hour. And so that is freaking first-rate and He was pronouncing some thing like will work I draw this training and stuff i’ll be working like 5 ten however there’s excellent chances of time beyond regulation to so I don’t know Or no for ten. Sorry for tens no longer 5 tens just for that means they get three days off every week. That is frickin exotic, man. That is that’s why i need beautiful stoked Anyway, i’m simply some thing to go forward over to seek advice from with my lady friend hang out for a little bit bit AdMob at home and just fall asleep after that. I Plan on being in mattress with the aid of 9 o’clock so that you So guys, I just obtained a name from my boss said i’m purported to be there at 5:00 and that i don’t forget him pronouncing that I swear it. All people was once announcing that I used to be tired the day past. I must work So I was simply showing up like, just whilst, it can be i’m imagined to you know like the previous day. I concept I was once gonna be early. Apparently. I am quite late That sucks Then work Uploader to not mad at me to occur I ultimately bought off work What’s a lot more staring at videos and a lot more forms? I had to fill out i am so worn out like oh my god simply hurts to be unsleeping now not tired truthfully like I received to sleep however like almost always ten whatever final night time and i was once up at 4:45, I inform us everlasting night. I consider I could have like some form of a sound asleep ailment. I know i don’t breathe very good final few nights Evans respiratory very well. And that’s lieutenant a anxious Dwight on sleep. So good it can be type of like a sequence reaction on the grounds that so much respiratory very well looking to clear my throat the whole lot right Slept down in waters, and then I must go the toilet a little bit time it can be been hard final few nights and i have been napping a lot guys it can be like a combat where mild simply hurts my eyes and i obtained like a headache from it Had one the day before today like never get headaches anymore tails i am very tired humorous simply obtained a text from my lady so she had sent enemy Wow, I was just talking about complications with you guys, but I got that textual content. That used to be loopy i’m sorry. She is headache i do know i’m just gonna lay my ass down As soon as I get house, i’ll make meals normally make my lunch and just go to sleep I Gotta stand up.<br><br>So early within the morning day after today Like I stated, i am supposed to be there at 5:00, I didn’t even understand but they were ok he was once gone but day after today I Gotta be there at 5:00 the following day so I gotta rise up at 2:45 A.M Evilly mesh, i’m gonna be up at 2:45 a.M. In general out over by like three:15 three:30 tops out the door She’s beautiful Anyway, yeah got so much to assert got an essential test the next day to come basically is some thing to do with all the school room shit that now we have been doing we’ve got been studying for it is an important scan the following day, but it’ll move this primary experiment day after today I might no longer be working there anymore. It can be a kind of kind of exams likes very important and they simply assume you to get it. I hope I could get it i am gonna try out my high-quality Sup guys what is going on on? I am heading to work. It can be simply after four a.M supposed to be there at 5. So yeah, i am simply uh entering into early in these days. It can be type of like a large day for me i will can help you comprehend what i’ve been studying for and this is type of like a He’ll make it a spoil into the whole thing. Like if i do not go this test i am method out She’s gonna chop my quality a bit style of be taught, but i would like tons of fingers-on coaching at present earlier than the test so expectantly they provide me that and the whole lot goes good i’ll mean you can understand. So the test is basically like a pre travel inspection on a truck on this work truck and it’s like a CDL type truck but you already know, i’m no longer gonna be using a CDL truck considering that I don’t have a CDL that is the labor position, but they want me to grasp this creature inspection it can be one of the crucial hardest matters individuals ought to do to be able to get their CDL is the earlier the pre-trip inspection Yeah pressures on guys attempt to do my first-class y’all I just hope they recognize if i don’t move it today. Like i hope it can be like say you are fired. You are out i’m hoping no longer for the reason that , I need to work there. I admire this company I want to you already know have a consistent job and not have to preserve browsing for jobs. It is just demanding to have to hold doing pay keep alive fingers crossed. Yeah So bet what’s going on I just received off work pretty stoked without a doubt I acquired up at three p.M the day before today I obtained off at four What’s right here today? I had to are available at 5 That was once tough the next day. I have got to come in at 7 so i am lucky i am feeling fortunate cuz I obtained all this time Now i go spend a while with my lady at least tell about eight o’clock and then I need to head house and you realize get in mattress with the aid of like 9:00 or so due to the fact i do not wanna be late the next day Wanna be contemporary but I nonetheless acquired my job guys that they didn’t without a doubt test me on the free go back and forth, but I bought lots of expertise Doing it and that i feel somewhat more positive about it. So Yeah, i’m now not sure if they’re gonna experiment me on that the next day to come or not. I continue to exist a different day What’s up guys what is going on? It’s Thursday morning 6:forty a.M. I’m almost at work. I woke up this morning and checked my bank money owed and stuff. I continually determine my money owed like regularly, proper? Had a charge come to on my Wells Fargo and it put me at a negative 17 freaking bucks. I’ve like lower than 40 greenbacks to my name in order that sucked it’s like almost out of fuel. So I Put like somewhat little bit of gasoline like probably 17 dollars or anything. I put into the tank and Yeah, that’s all I got the entire money I obtained after which put a further like 20 and Wells Fargo to cover this terrible balance And i’m going to be good on that however just Chuckles man, i am purported to receives a commission the next day. I am hoping I get paid the next day. The man needs to be the boss or anything you have to coach must be still protecting on to my My time card, so I do not know. He’s crazy. I hope they can pay me the next day i’m hoping so man, cuz i’m gonna be in predicament. I ought to do Cooper on my days off I relatively do not need to you understand I need to play some black ops four on them days off anyways i’m rolling into my financial institution right here and go to work. So wish me success guys i’ll capture you on the flipside Oh rad i’m at work guys That view of Mount Rainier just earlier than the sun comes out long day but it surely used to be a hiya guys. I think very optimistic on a Pre-trip inspection factor they did not experiment me but. So they’re gonna scan me day after today So I’ve had plenty of practice and i am like so optimistic now So i’m excellent. I fully consider like I hold this job. I’ve been by means of plenty of training nails. So they’ve invested so much of time and cash in me already and so I feel like as long as i am on time everyday and i attempt to do my fine day-to-day. I feel it should be all excellent Fuckin’-a that is a wonderful day. I’m heading residence now. I desired to peer my lady nevertheless it’s simply I gotta go to bed by means of 7:00 cuz I gotta be there at 5:00 tomorrow morning. I consider he’s received a lump in i’ve a free shuttle inspection and all that scan Full scan tomorrow. I am around 5:00 a.M. Like very first thing in the morning, so I’ve gotta be like equipped to go and i imply so it can be crazy So i’m gonna attempt to get good night time’s sleep tonight, however i am gonna be again residence right here in about perhaps 20 minutes No, I possibly in a position to do a brief livestream for like possibly an hour and a half wanna move some black ops before I acquired that game I performed it twice and i might prefer to move it just a little bit. So might be i will get an hour and a 1/2 in possibly Or Pay I mentioned, i’ll get a paper assess and Olympics proper subsequent to where it works. In order that works out first-rate after which the following time i’ll get the i’ll get the direct deposit looked after so yeah, it is all excellent after which tomorrow i will be able to see my I see my lady after work , I determine i can often stay out just a few extra hours later the following day night time but i don’t need to mess with the schedule too much considering at some point I gotta do it all over once more, and they seeking to be worn out from one day, you realize Plus, what my new time table now i do not consider I would make it a lot additional than like 10 o’clock at night time me like out like a gentle Yeah, close to there genuinely so i guess i will see you guys in the morning Friday morning, which is tomorrow proper What’s up guys what is going on on? I’m fending off to work is Friday. Thank God, it’s Friday I got Some major assessments to do the giant one being the pre-trip scan I suppose they may be gonna put me he’s gonna do me a appear at power test To the place like he rides together with me? To ensure I drive good i guess and i don’t know what’s all worried with that optimistically he would not make it appear too tricky or nothing like that i don’t consider it should be too dangerous and then there is gonna be some style of constrained spaces training it is just like the bodily coaching. It is not with the you already know pc it’s with this like he’s acquired this dummy thing, and that i have no idea what that is about however Yeah in order that’ll be interesting i’ll mean you can know the way that goes i did not wish to get up this morning guys. I am so tired. I failed to sleep ample guys I you recognize, I played my sport the day before today Took a shower. I was once texting my woman I didn’t get to bed when I desired to get to mattress. Oh, so I at present i am tired And i’ll be there about 5 minutes earlier than i’m imagined to be there When i am to be there quarter-hour before i’m speculated to be there, you know good shit it is like a five minute stroll from the place I parked my automobile to the place i will have enough money to so i am customarily simply gonna be on time today. I don’t think that is gonna be a trouble in any respect however I wish to be early And it was i will talk to you guys after work I obtained it’s Friday What’s up, guys? What’s going on? I just completed an extended ass day. Like I just labored like 15 hours today it is lovely loopy, proper Yeah, it was once it used to be a hi there though. Find it irresistible wasn’t Like the toughest day ever but yeah, I handed all my assessments guys, so i am excellent. I don’t the worry concerning the shit No extra all past all good no issues, and i went out within the field they say I labored out within the area in these days doing labor work Yeah It was too dangerous. I failed to mind it was only a long hours 15 hours time Frickin Gottman examine it used to be just let’s learn. It was a three-day paycheck. Yeah three-day paycheck and that i Went to move cash in at Wells Fargo and for some intent a church we now have cost For something I already blanketed like I blanketed the charge so they mustn’t charge rather a fee whilst you quilt the charts the identical day Like I did it early morning – so i’m type of pissed about that i’m gonna need to battle that but because I had the fee They put me and her negative balance after which after I went to money my verify it says it’s gonna hold my money except next day so silly Yeah Anyway, i am gonna go ahead heading over my ladies residence and go spend a while with her just chillax in the end that that is crazy crazy has long been shellacked Yeah, i’m gonna be performing some gaming on this weekend now is We competent for that appear for me on the MBRs commander channel y’all And we have some funding plants and black ops today let’s go ahead on this video. Admire y’all a lot A successful week of training and i have received my job and i’m just like the humans I’ve worked with Supercool I smash that like subscribe see your existence You . As found on YoutubeA gaggle of unions says The Walt Disney Co. Is withholding tax reduce bonuses from tens of thousands of workers. Back in January, Disney introduced it was once giving one-time $1,000 bonuses to greater than 125,000 staff due to the fact of the brand new tax overhaul that reduce the corporate tax rate. Union contributors at Walt Disney World are presently in the core of contract negotiations, and so they say Disney is holding these bonuses hostage until the unions approve new contracts. The carrier Trades Council stated Disney is threatening to now not give the bonuses in any respect to employees except they accept Disney’s present of a 50-cent-an-hour wage hike by way of the tip of August. Union employees rejected that identical offer late final year due to the fact that they desired a greater expand. A Disney spokeswoman informed The Orlando Sentinel that proposed raise is a component of Disney’s “ongoing commitment” to its workers. The team of unions represents greater than 35,000 Disney workers. CNN studies these union staff are incomes on typical not up to $11 an hour. Union employees representing HVAC workers, that are repairing furnaces, included an extra pay per call for upside labor on jobs . As found on Youtube